Babysitting Safety Tips -A list of babysitting tips which every sitter can use while on a babysitting job

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Babysitting safety tips which should be consider before accepting babysitting jobs:

I think I'll start a babysitting service...

After all - babysitting is the simplest job you can have. You get paid to sit around in someone's house, play with their computer, watch their TV, raid their fridge, and then you leave at the end of the evening with a pocket full of cash right ?...

Well time to think again......

Babysitting children is one of the most exciting fulfilling jobs you can have. It also comes with many responsibilities and should never be taken lightly. Parents are placing the well being of their loved ones in your hands and your primary function as a babysitter is to make sure the children remain safe at all times.

To help you out with this task, Phone a has created the Safety First Program.

Every babysitting job can vary significantly and you must be prepared to meet all the challenges each may present. For as long as you're on the job.. You are the one who is in charge... and you must make sure the children are safe, happy and their needs are taken care of. If you show your employers you are prepared to meet these challenges they will gain confidence in your abilities as a babysitter and will hire you on a consistent basis. If you don't meet their expectations... well you could guess the outcome.

This program was developed to provide a standard for both parents and babysitters to assist in attaining the highest level of safety for everyone involved. By using the following four forms which make up the core of the Safety First Program. The pitfalls of miscommunication sometimes experienced between parents and babysitters can be greatly reduced. Click on the links for each form, read up on our valuable tips and print off a few copies to hang on your clipboard so they are ready to use or your next babysitting job.

Enough already you say! - ok lets get to the forms...

Form 1 - The Babysitters Guideline

The babysitter guideline is a list of safety tips, rules and decisions you need to consider prior to accepting a babysitting job.

Form 2 - Babysitter information sheet

The babysitter information sheet is a form filled out by the parents to supply you with the contact information you need in case of an emergency. Also listed, is specific details for the children you will be babysitting.

Form 3 - Home safety checklist

The home safety checklist consists of items you need to be aware of around the home. Make sure you arrive early enough to review this list with the parents and spare enough time to ask any questions before they must leave.

Form 4 - Parents Instructions

This final form filled out by the parents details "the house rules". Read this one carefully when you receive it and be sure to follow it to a tee!!!

Where to go from here?

We have more babysitting safety tips and links for you in the Babysitters Corner and we plan on continually adding to this resource. Also don't forget to read the news on the home page to keep up with what's new at Phone a





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