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Safety first guidelines for parents:

Being able to take a break is something all parents require at times...

and one way to achieve this, is by having a babysitter over occasionally to mind your kids. Previously, finding a babysitter was no easy chore, but now as a member of Phone a this task has become a little less daunting. Our database of local babysitters has allowed you the opportunity to find the help you need, but how do you determine if they are suitable for your children and which safety issues will you need to consider.

How should I choose a babysitter?

Babysitter's ages and skills can vary significantly. Deciding on who could best serve your family's needs could be a difficult choice. In many cases, developing relationships with more than one babysitter is necessary to guarantee availability. To help you with making these decisions, our staff has assembled a number of valuable tips and suggestions.

What age should the babysitter be?

The age of your children will be the determining factor to this question. The younger they are, the older your babysitter should be. Leaving a 14 year old who is new to the world of babysitting, with a six month old baby, would not be advisable. She would likely not have the necessary skills, but she may be the perfect sitter if you have a five year old. You need to gauge the maturity level of any babysitter you interview. If the babysitter is young, question how much experience they have. Speaking with their parents can also be a valuable source in determining their capabilities and how much responsibility they can handle.

The babysitters personality:

Is the personality of the babysitter compatible with the personality of your kids?. Every household raises their children differently, some parents prefer a more structured upbringing while others allow their children to get away with a few more liberties. Discipline could be a concern if the babysitter has a different sense of how children should behave. We have suggested to our babysitters, offering their services at no charge for a few hours would allow everyone to become better acquainted prior to assuming a scheduled babysitting job. If it is offered, this will allow you the perfect opportunity to see how the kids get along with the babysitter. If it is not offered, we still suggest you hire the babysitter for a few hours to gauge the response. Once you start hiring your babysitters on a regular basis, see if your kids look forward to the babysitters arrival. Ask your kids if there was any problems while you were out and if there seems to be some issues, give the babysitter a chance to address them.

Check those references:

If a babysitter is capable of supplying you letters of reference, or phone numbers from other parents who use their service, make sure you follow up on them. Most parents would be glad to speak to you and you're sure to gain significant insight into what can be expected from the babysitter. Also be sure to ask plenty of questions to address all your concerns. If a babysitter has done a good job for you, make sure you reward them by writing them a good reference letter, or possibly allow the babysitter to leave your phone number with other parents who are interested in speaking with past or present employers. References are very important to them and you should give them a good one if they deserve it.

Is training available:

There are specifically designed courses available for babysitters which can add significant skills to their resumes. The two courses which should be completed as suggested to our babysitters, are a nationally recognized babysitter and first aid course. If the babysitter you are considering has already taken these courses, great!. If not, perhaps you can offer your babysitter the opportunity of attending these courses, by paying the costs involved. Either way you will both come out winners. If you would like to have us e-mail you a listing of course providers click here.

Safety concerns:

Our members have told us, their number one priority is ensuring the safety of everyone involved.
Our staff has listened to these concerns and has responded by developing the Safety First Program to help address certain safety issues. Below, you have three links to printable web forms which can significantly assist you in reaching your safety goals. We have promoted their use heavily with the babysitters, but for this program to work, you must become involved. When filled out, The three forms supply the babysitter the necessary information they need to do their job professionally.

Click on each of the links, print out a few copies and have them ready for your babysitter prior to leaving the home. If the web forms do not open within sixty seconds, it's possible you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If this is the case, click on the following link to download your free copy.

Get Acrobat Reader

Form 1 - Babysitter information sheet

The babysitter information sheet supplies contact information needed by the babysitter in case of an emergency. Also listed, is specific details about your children.

Form 2 - Home safety checklist

The home safety checklist, highlights area's within the home, which could be a safety concern for the babysitter. Make sure you ask the babysitter to arrive early enough to go over this list with you and spare enough time in case they have any questions before you must leave.

Form 3 - Parents Instructions

This form lists the house rules which are to be carried out by the babysitter. Some of the subjects which are covered, include; what time is bedtime for the kids, which meals or snacks can be served as well as rules for the babysitter defining what they can, or cannot do while in your home.


Our Safety First Program is a work in progress, if you have any comments or suggestions which could be a valuable addition to this resource, please send them in.

By addressing your safety concerns and diligently selecting your babysitters, you will be able to enjoy your personal time away from home without having to constantly question if the kids and babysitter are safe.

Take advantage of this service, hire our babysitters, and enjoy that personal shopping spree or romantic evening out which can now be possible, after all you deserve it!.
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