Babysitter Guidelines - Safety issues babysitters should consider prior to accepting a babysitting job

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  Form 1 - The babysitters Guideline


Babysitter Guidelines:

Safety issues to consider when starting a babysitting service:

You have just signed up with Phone a and you are starting to receive numerous inquires from parents who are interested in your babysitting services.

This is great!!! Your new business is off to a terrific start. Now before accepting any of these jobs, you should think about what you are capable of handling and the type of services you would like to offer. Following are some valuable tips to help you make this decision, while keeping the safety of yourself and their children first in mind. At the bottom of this page you will also have the opportunity to print or download the first of four forms which we suggest you incorporate into your babysitting business.


Establishing your capabilities:

Who will you babysit for?
As you can well imagine, the challenges of babysitting a 6-month-old baby will be quite different from babysitting a child who is 8 years old. Your first step will be to determine what is the minimum age child you are capable of babysitting. If you are new to babysitting, or under the age of 18, we strongly suggest you speak with your parents and make this decision together. Ideally, the younger you are, the older the child must be. As you get older and gain experience, you can always readjust this age.
How many children can you babysit at one time?
You can only be in one place at a time; the more children you are required to baby-sit, the greater your responsibility becomes. While babysitting, you always need to know exactly what the kids are up to to ensure their safety. If the kids are older, you may be able to increase this number, as they are likely more independent and require a lower level of supervision. Watching a group of kids who won't back away from playing a video game, presents fewer problems than a child who has just learned to walk and won't sit down for more than a few minutes. You also need to make it clear to the parents, that you will not be responsible for any surprise guests (such as the kids who live next door). This would add to your workload and compromise the safety of the children you have been hired to baby-sit for.
Your transportation requirements:
For your safety, you should always advise the parents your transportation requirements before accepting a babysitting job. Unless other arrangements have been made, make it clear to them you must be picked up and escorted home, even if it is only a few short blocks away. If you have use of a vehicle, ask the parents to walk you to your car. In the event that your clients cannot provide you with a lift home as planned. Ask them to provide you with a taxi ride home, or call to see if your parents would be available to pick you up. The most important point is, do not walk home alone particularly if it's late at night and dark outside. If need be, pay for the taxi ride yourself to make sure you get home safely.
Arranging to meet your new clients:
The e-mail's from parents who viewed your babysitter web page are continuing to pile up and it is time to start replying to their inquiries. You should suggest to the parents a get together meeting to become acquainted with one another, would be a great first step. This way! You have a chance to meet the parents and discuss the services you have to offer. When they see that you have come armed with a list of topics to discuss, as well as the printed forms from the Safety First Program, they will certainly be impressed with your approach and feel more confident about hiring you.

We strongly suggest you have at least one of your parents accompany you when meeting your potential new clients for the first time. This way they will have the chance to meet each other and you will feel more secure and comfortable, during the initial meeting. If you are an adult babysitter, precautions should still be taken by ensuring there are children in the home of the person you are speaking with.
Does this conclude the safety tips for babysitters?
No I am afraid not! There are numerous safety concerns to be considered while on the job which we will address on upcoming pages. But to this point, you have considered a number of significant safety issues including,
What age must the children be for you to baby-sit.
What is the maximum number of children you are capable of handling.
How to safely meet new clients for the first time.
How to get yourself to and from your babysitting jobs safely.

Well then what is on the form ?

On our first form, we have detailed a number of tips and suggestions you can use to prepare yourself for your first get together meeting with the parents. You can print this form by clicking on the link below. If the form does not open within 60 seconds, then you may not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If this is the case, click on the icon below to get your free copy.

Once your have printed our first form, click your browsers back button to return to this page and click on the link below, to reach our second form and more valuable safety tips.
See you there!!!!
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