Parents Instruction Sheet - A form filled out by parents listing the house rules which babysitters can refer to

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  Form 4 - The Parents Instructions Sheet


Parents Instruction Sheet:

Moving on to our final Form for babysitters...

We have covered a lot of ground so far and I hope we still have the attention of all our readers who have been with us from the start. This is our final form so you just need to hang in a short while longer.

Lets review what we have covered so far. Our personal safety has been considered, we are prepared to meet new clients, we know what contact information we require from the parents and we touched on recognizing potential safety hazards found in the home. Now it's time to review the fourth and final form in our Safety First Program...

The Parents Instruction Sheet...

Form 4, is another page filled out by the parents leaving instructions on what their children can, or cannot do, while they are absent from the home. This can range from homework which must be completed, which television programs they are allowed to watch, snacks they can and cannot eat, phone calls they are allowed to receive and instructions on bedtime rituals.

So if we keep count, three of four forms require direct input from the parents. Do you think you could name them at this point?. Well take this short quiz to test your knowledge of our program, by answering the four following questions.

  1. What are the names of the four forms?
  2. Which two forms are filled in completely by the parents?
  3. Which form do you complete together?
  4. Which form is not filled out by the parent?

Have you jotted down your answers? Click here to find out if your correct.

The next area we need to cover, which will have a significant impact on the amount of babysitting jobs you will be offered, is...

Training you have received...

In most communities, you can find a wide variety of courses available to you, which are related directly to babysitting. Although the information supplied in our Safety First Program, will get you started on the right road to learning the necessary skills to become a safe and effective babysitter. It cannot substitute the skills you will acquire by receiving hands on training. The two courses you should enroll in, are officially recognized babysitting and first aid courses. There will likely be a charge to take these courses (generally under 30 dollars) but they will add great market value to your babysitting business. You will find that many parents will not even consider hiring a babysitter, who has not attended and passed these two courses. To help you find training, click on the link below and we will e-mail you a list of qualified organizations which conduct these courses nationwide.

Please e-mail me a list of course providers

You have now completed the core section of our program. We would like to congratulate you, for taking the time to follow through on our lessons. Our Safety First Program is a continuing open dialogue and our staff welcomes suggestions or contributions which could add to this valuable resource. If you need to print additional copies of our forms, they are accessible to members from the parents and babysitters control panel .

Before leaving, don't forget to click on the tab below to print our 4th and final form.


Our staff would like to wish you the best of luck in your babysitting adventures
and always remember think

"Safety First"

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