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Introducing the Safety First Program:

Safety first iconTimes have certainly changed...

The demands of work and home have changed significantly over the years and with the busy schedule parents must lead, being able to rely on the availability of a responsible babysitter has become a necessity. There are numerous reasons for hiring a babysitter. It can range from needing someone to watch over your kids while you attend a business function, or maybe you just need to catch up on some shopping, or something more pleasurable like a long romantic evening out with your significant other.

Joining our service has enabled you to find local babysitters who are more than happy to provide you with the babysitting services you require, but as our members have clearly indicated, the number one priority is feeling confident their children, as well as the babysitter are safe at all times. With this in mind the staff at Phone a have developed the Safety First Program.

The Safety First program consists of valuable suggestions and printable web forms, which are designed to assist parents and babysitters in developing an awareness of the most important safety concerns. By using our forms, the pitfalls of miscommunication sometimes experienced between parents and babysitters can be greatly reduced, which will improve the safety level for everyone concerned.

Although the Safety First program has been specifically designed for our members, we allow anyone who can benefit from our program to use our materials. If you are not a member? I invite you to join our community of parents and babysitters to take advantage of the many services we offer.

From this point on, our program is divided into two sections parents and babysitters . Click on the tab below which is appropriate to your situation.


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